1. Right and Responsibilities of Two Parties

1.1. Duties and Responsibilities of MAIDO Agency
- MAIDO Agency has the right to request truthful and authentic information from clients in order to duly fulfill all the contractual obligations within the agreed timeframe.
- MAIDO Agency will receive payment for services provided according to the terms specified in the contract.
- MAIDO Agency will provide consulting and updates regarding products and services performance reports to clients until the end of the contract.
- MAIDO Agency guarantees the quality, image, quantity of products, and delivery of services will be conducted as initially agreed upon.
- MAIDO Agency will update clients on the progress of work when requested.
- MAIDO Agency commits to deliver our products and commercial marketing services within the agreed upon timeframe as specified in the contract.
1.2. Regarding clients
- Clients have duties to inspect and monitor the implementation of the advertising services contract according to the agreed upon conditions and terms.
- Clients must provide accurate information about their commercial products and services and take responsibility for the information they provide to MAIDO.
- Clients are responsible for the legal compliance of the information provided based on the current laws of Vietnam.
- Clients must pay the fees for the use of advertising services according to the agreement/contract.

2. Payment Regulations

2.1. The client is obligated to make timely payment using the payment method as specified in the contract payments within the agreed timeframe.
2.2. The client is responsible for making payment within 24 hours upon receiving a payment request and confirming that the payment request is valid. If the client fails to make payment after 24 hours, Maido will be exempt from any responsibility regarding the client's services.
2.3. The client must pay 100% of the costs before using the services.
2.4. If the client has any payment-related issues, Maido is ready to assist the client in resolving them.
2.5. If the payment has not been made, the client cannot request Maido's assistance or services.
2.6. If we refuse to carry out advertising service for your business, you will not be charged.
2.7. All payments are non-refundable, regardless of the reasons.

3. Behavioural Regulations

3.1. Customers are expected to maintain a polite and respectful attitude when exchanging working-related matters
3.2. Customers are not allowed to use vulgar language or behave rudely. In case of violation, Maido reserves the right to refuse to continue the contract/agreement and to immediately stop providing services, even if there is a contract/agreement between the two parties.
3.3. If customers engage in activities that violate our moral, ethical, or legal rights and interests, even if a contract/agreement has been established Maido has the right to refuse or temporarily suspend their advertising activities on any platform at any time.

4. General terms and conditions

4.1. Maido ensures that transactions with customers are carried out fully and as committed.
4.2. Maido always prioritizes the interests of customers and supports and provides the best solutions to protect the rights of customers and all involved parties to find the best solutions to any unforeseen incidents or risks.
4.3. Both parties commit to providing information and service quality in compliance with current regulations and laws in Vietnam
4.4. Customers fully understand their rights and responsibilities when choosing and using services at Maido voluntarily.
4.5. All terms and information in the signed contract are presumed to have been read and agreed to by the customer in accordance with this policy and terms.
4.6. Maido commits to using customers' internal personal information for the agreed purpose in the contract.
4.7. Maido commits to storing customers' personal information provided on our internal system during the service provision process or until the customer requests to cancel the information provided.

Any unit or enterprise contacting us for the purpose of using advertising or other services on the maido.agency website or in emails with the business suffix: maido.agency operated by Maido Agency, agrees to comply with the above terms and conditions.


1. Company Bank Account:
Bank name: ACB chi nhánh Minh Khai
Bank account number: 9036690498

2. Personal Account:
Bank owner: MAI THANH BINH
Bank name: VP Bank
Bank account number: 180861904