Maido is seeking a Junior Account Executive who will be largely responsible for the day-to-day execution, building and maintaining client’s relationship. You are also required to answer client queries and identify new business opportunities among existing customers. In conjunction with coordination of various marketing projects on a wide array of Japanese - Vietnamese SMEs. This position requires occasional travel. 

As a Junior Account Executive, you will work with all related departments including Production Team, Data & Performance Team in order to create immersion in every aspect of client's projects. Last but not least, you must have strong mentoring skills to guide your team members in furtherance of acquiring and converting new clients from our social media platforms (Facebook, Google, Instagram,..).


Report to: General Manager  




Client Management:

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Maido’s vision, mission and business philosophy and be able to influence others. 
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting client relationships. 
  • Develop trusted advisor relationships with clients and always carry an appropriate level of professionalism and manners at all times. 
  • Serve as the lead point of contact for all client account management matters in a timely manner. 
  • Ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to the client's needs and objectives. 
  • Strong and effective communication to  understand the client’s  interests and behaviors. Always put yourself in the client’s perspective. 
  • Hold yourself accountable for customers' investments in order to build customer trust and loyalty during their services with Maido. 
  • Must be able to forecast and predict upcoming risk and perform a risk management plan in order to prevent it. 
  • Must be honest even in difficult situations and take responsibility when unable to meet customer expectations. 
  • Utilizing our Takumi’s portal (our AI-powered library of success case studies and information) and Client Dashboard to propose applicable marketing strategies for businesses. 
System Management:
  • Maintaining the dashboard usage to implement and monitor client's works.
  • Ensuring all of the brand's information or client's requests will be fulfilled and updated frequently for the internal team.
  • Providing information to clients regularly and ensuring all the Dashboard's data is correct.
  • Always ahead with the latest digital trends and latest industry news. 
  • Keep the General Manager up to date with real-time data in order to evaluate corporate strategy.
  • Ensuring constant client's and internal feedback to optimize Maido’s system. 
Internal Management:
  • Acts as a resource to all team members, focused on enabling their success in establishing new relationships with prospective clients. 
  • Managing and supervising account intern, account executive to ensure all initiatives are aligned with clients.
  • Using a work management platform (Click Up) to manage your tasks along with tracking the working progress of your team members & related teams.
  • Strong management of day to day projects, ensuring effective collaboration and execution to clients’ queries and issues when they arise. 
  • ​​Develops trust, motivates team members, and always practices empathy and respect towards each other. 


An ideal candidate must be: 

  • Tech-savvy, self-starting, resourceful, entrepreneurial, endlessly curious, and highly ambitious. 
  • Understand Maido's philosophy and be able to demonstrate it in your daily works. 
  • Maintain and reflect Maido’s values, mission and vision daily 
  • Humble, respectful, responsible, and grateful 
  • Roll-up-your-sleeve attitude and eagerness to learn 
  • Hold yourself accountable  for your decisions and actions .
  • Responsible for Maido’s reputation during employment. 
  • Demonstrate respect for others.  

You possesses these qualities: 

  • Strong Communication 
  • Always Proactive
  • Great attention to details
  • Exceptional Relationship management
  • Strong Forecasting skill
  • Great Time management
  • Outstanding Task management
  • Ability to influence others
  • Strong Problem-solving skill
  • Excellent Stress management skill
  • A great people-person
  • Strong Leadership skill 

Technical skills: 

  • Data studio
  • GG Sheet
  • PPTX
  •  iOS
  • Supermetric
  • Meta Business Manager
  • Meta Library
  • Meta Business Suite
  • GG Analytics
  • Ahref

 Academic requirements: 

  • Proven experience working in the agency industry at least 1 year.
  • You must be above 25 years of age. 



  • Maido offers a high and competitive salary from internship to manager positions, (junior account executive - 15,000,000vnd).
  • Maido has an awesome and inspiring work environment and business culture.
  • Maido is all about work efficiency, our internal platform has an automatic report system, where you can work more productively and avoid tedious tasks. 
  • Our office is located at the center of District 1.
  • Maido provides our employees with high-quality equipment from Apple, Samsung, Dell, and Sony because we want you to do your best at work. 
  • We are dedicated to offering unlimited growth opportunities. 
  • International business travel: Have opportunities to apply for citizenship, travel overseas and work in Japan.
  • Legality: Maido ensures that our employment contracts are transparent, and your health care benefits will be fully provided.



- Send your English CV to email: hr@maigo.agency 
- CV should be in English

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